Raising Domestic Violence Awareness with “Not One” Campaign

Raising Domestic Violence Awareness with “Not One” Campaign

Aisha Braveboy, a former Maryland state delegate and current candidate for Prince George’s County State’s Attorney, launched an anti-domestic violence campaign Oct. 18 that featured live testimonies from the county’s domestic violence survivors, workers, advocates, and legislators.

“I decided to initiate the “Not One” campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence to empower victims to leave dangerous situations. Domestic violence takes many forms, some subtle and unsubtle, and the goal is to educate people that no form of domestic violence is ever acceptable. I wanted to bring people together to have a community discussion about this important issue,” Braveboy told the crowd during the event.

Prince George’s County has, for years, had one of the top rates of homicides from domestic violence in Maryland.

“Talking about domestic violence is important in Prince George’s County because the county typically experiences about 20-25 domestic violence related homicides each year,” Braveboy told the AFRO.

She also thinks talking about the issue is important in the Black community.

An “open discussion about domestic violence in the Black community is important because discussing the issue has been taboo in the past. The first step of the healing process is to acknowledge that you have a problem,” Braveboy said.

During the campaign, several women shared their stories of physical, mental, financial and spiritual abuse.

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