“I am a proud daughter of Prince George’s County.  It is where I grew up, where I started my career, and where I served for 8 years as State Delegate.  I intend to earn your support to continue my service to this great County as your next State’s Attorney.”

“Crime is personal.  Personal to the victim.  Personal to the community. And personal to me.”


Aisha Braveboy


Roughly 20-30% of the homicides each year in Prince George’s County are the result of domestic violence, some involving children.

I will create an elder abuse unit to prosecute criminal acts involving a victim who is 65 years of age or older.

My office will work with our partners in law enforcement to investigate and prosecute those who have forced individuals into prostitution.

I will work with the Prince George’s County court system and encourage them to create a gun court.

The effective use of data will enhance the State’s Attorney’s Office’s ability to address emerging crime trends.

I will take a holistic approach to criminal justice—we simply cannot incarcerate our way to a safer community.

Featured Event

"Women Who Bravely Lead"

Aisha Braveboy’s 2nd Annual Women’s Reception
Sunday, March 25, 2018 @ 3pm

What a wonderful way to spend lunch! Thank you Steny Hoyer for inviting me to attend an amazing luncheon honoring Democratic women in Congress and women who are candidates across the country. I was so happy to run into my beautiful soror Congresswoman Robin Kelly!! #bravejustice


Detectives are investigating a homicide in Langley Park.

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Braveboy in the Community

Countdown to the Primary Election

June 26, 2018